Hold on to Home this Christmas

The word “home” conjures up all sorts of emotions. For me, it means: safety, support, belonging, family and that wonderful emotion, love. The word “home” symbolises so much in your life. It is as if someone has lifted a huge load off your shoulders, you have come home to cooked food, warm beds, a cup of tea – to relax!

At some stage in your life though, all this has little meaning when you can’t share it, whether it’s with your partner or your children. It’s what most people work so hard towards – A family who love each other, support and comfort one another. You have a sense of belonging which is one of the most wonderful experiences to have, whether it’s belonging to family, a Church group, tennis club, book club, and golf four balls. You feel good when someone notices you’re around.

My sons, Canaan and James, love it when my husband, Sean, and I have one big family hug with them. Canaan screams in delight saying, “We a happy family!” When I sit back and think of that small action and those special words, my heart swells and I think to myself – In that small moment of our lives, that is what we all work so hard for – You belong, you love, you are safe, you have support and most importantly, no matter where you are – You are Home!

Thank God for these special Blessings, may you and your family have a Blessed Christmas.

Olivia Brice (daughter, sister, wife, mother)

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