“Platvloers” or stylish?

Why should my baby be on the floor?

For your baby 0 6 months

In Afrikaans, we have a saying that someone is platvloersif they are more than just down to earth.  “Platvloers” has a negative connotation and refers to people that are rather common or low class?

Parents are currently bombarded by the most beautiful and clever baby gear companies, who claims that their produce is a must have.  But is it? That is the issue I want to address today: does your baby really need all these impressive must haves” – rockers, prams, different supporting chairs, etc.? How does these contribute to your babys development?

Recent research in the Netherlands has found that the variety of movement in the first four months of a babys life has a huge impact on the babys development. According to Dr Melodie de Jager from the BabyGym Institute it is a known fact that a baby needs to move to build his or her brain.  Does equipmenthelp baby to move?

Unfortunately, not.  Baby needs to be on the floor to be able to exercise all the muscle groups that will allow him or her to reach all milestones in sequence.  But this is where the problem comes in:  what mother will put her baby on the floor?  That sounds rather platvloers”.

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