Life before birth

Planning to have a baby or expecting a baby?  Meet the challenge of planning for this baby not just as an extension of yourself, but as a beautiful human beginning.  A lot of planning and thinking today goes into the most important logistics such as choosing your ginecologist and pediatrician, attending ante-natal classes, booking the hospital of your choice, writing a birth plan, extending your home to accomodate the new baby, buying the best pram, cot, etc.

But right inside you, while you are so busy planning everything in detail, a new person is developing:  a unique little being with his or her own set of fingerprints, own personality, own features, own dreams.  Lynette van Wyk, who runs the TODDLERS WORKSHOP franchise for 17 years now, hosts talks for couples to prepare them intelligently to start respecting their new baby right from the very beginning, even before conception.

Although the subject about prenatal learning is being researched as early as 1920, little is being done to promote this locally.  Schools for prenatal learning is common in parts of the USA, Canada, Japan and a few other countries.  Parents are being taught to bond through feelings, through music and through learning.  Most of the researchers are medical doctors and specialists, psychologists and educationalists.

Results show babies and children that are easier to care for, who cry less, who are generally loved and appreciated by others, easier deliveries, attachment to baby after birth, rapid growth and development, very friendly children, children who are not afraid of strangers, and children with a high ability and sociability.  And, if this sounds far-fetched, wait and experience the opposite.

Dr Yoshiharu Morito, M.D., creator of a Japannese prenatal education program, running since 1989, states the following:  “A failure at the beginning might be a prelude to future unhappiness and violence to self and others.  Therefor, prenatal education, in nurturing our social nature could save the financial resources that are being consumed by social ills today.”

Amongst the many seminars that are planned for National Pregnancy Awareness Week,  TODDLERS WORKSHOP is planning a workshop for expectant parents on Tuesday 10 February at TODDLERS WORKSHOP in 39 Brewer Road, Summerstrand, 19:00 for 19:30. At this occasion Lynette will brief proposed parents on how to lay the foundation for a sound and meaningful relationship with their child, starting in utero.  They will learn when and how baby starts smelling, feeling, hearing and even tasting while still in the womb and how baby even learns in utero – his first school. They will also be advised on techniques on how to start bonding with their child from day one onwards.

People interested in attending the workshop on Tuesday 10 February, has to book with Lynette at 0837933320, preferably after 17:00 or email her at  The cost is R50 per person or couple.

In utero

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