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How Toddlers Workshop enhances emotional intelligence

(Written by a mom who is a psychologist)

  • TODDLERS WORKSHOP assists you to objectively learn through observing your child by using eye contact rather than over explaining yourself verbally and with ineffective praise.
  • The mother’s full attention is given to the child’s individual needs
  • Participation happens on an equal basis and increases self-empowerment of the child
  • The mother describes the problem (she does not solve it) and guide the child towards effective problem solving
  • The mother describes the feeling objectively and therefore the child will engage in cooperating more effectively
  • The child makes the choices and thereby increases his autonomy
  • The mother is consistently put in a position to respect the child’s struggle and not to answer the questions at once, but to rather reflect it back to the child
  • The mother needs to consistently show her respect for her child’s eventual “readiness” to engage in an activity
  • It is emphasized that “No” is a rigid uncreative word
  • Consistent respect for the child’s needs is emphasized
  • To be able to contain your child in the workshop, you need to integrate your own discontentment, or else you will project it onto your child
  • The workshop offers you time to get to know your child in the many facets of his life
  • The workshop focuses on increasing positive attitudes and will give mothers and children an important introduction to object consistency – a basic need every child has