Month: July 2010

Clean Homes

Household cleaning products

All commercial household cleaning products have the potential to negatively impact on the health of your child (and yourself, for that matter).  They are poisonous if swallowed, leach toxins into air and are inhaled (affecting the lungs).  Surface toxins are handled and absorbed by the skin, all of which results in a toxic load against which your child has not yet developed adequate defences.

There are many easy (and very cheap) ways to make up your own cleaning products and they usually require only a few ingredients.  Below is a list of different recipes that will leave your house clean, fresh and safe!

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Title: Speech and Language Development
Location: Toddlers Workshop, 39 Brewer Road, Summerstrand
Description: Your toddler is turning two and is not saying any words apart from Mommy, Tata and Baba. You are concerned and do not know where to start looking for help. Kayla is 10 months old. Your sister raves about her being such a good girl; she hardly makes a sound while your 8 month old is babbling non-stop. What is normal and when should one be concerned? Little Jimmy is a year old and refuses to eat solid food. Is something wrong with him? How can I stimulate my baby’s language development?

If any of these questions ring a bell for you, you are invited to attend a talk on Speech and Language Development, presented by Janet Whitehouse, a Speech and Language Therapist who is currently practicing at Yvonne Gooding Speech-Language Therapists in Lorraine. The talk will be on Wednesday 4th of August from 19:30 – 21:00 at the Toddlers Workshop, 39 Brewer Rd, Summerstrand. The cost is R50 per person and bookings can be made through mailing Lynette at or phoning her, after hours, at 0837933320. Seats are limited and bookings are essential.
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-08-04
End Time: 21:00


Title: BabaGimkursus
Location: Toddlers Workshop, 39 Brewer Road, Summerstrand
Description: ‘n Nuwe BabaGimkursus begin Woensdag 21 Julie vanaf 14:00 – 15:00 vir 5 opeenvolgende Woensdae. Die koste beloop R550 en registrasie moet so gou moontlik geskied. Besoek gerus die BabaGim webtuiste vir meer inligting: of stuur ‘n epos aan Lynette by
Start Time: 14:00
Date: 2010-07-21
End Time: 15:00

Title: Immergroen Ouerskapkursus
Location: Providentia
Description: ‘n Bybelsgefundeerde Immergroen Ouerskapkursus begin op Dinsdag 20 Julie en strek oor sewe weke vanaf 19:30 – 21:30 elke Dinsdagaand. Die koste beloop R600 per egpaar en sluit die kursusmateriaal in. Die kursus word in Providentia aangebied en kan slegs ‘n beperkte aantal egpare huisves. Vir meer inligting omtrent Immergroen Ouerskap sowel as die inhoud van die kursus, besoek die webwerf: Bespreek elektronies by
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2010-07-20
End Time: 21:30

Baby Sense Seminar

Title: Baby Sense Seminar
Location: Radisson Blue Hotel
Description: The now well known Baby Sense Seminars will be held in Port Elizabeth on Saturday 21 August at the Radisson Blue Hotel. There will be a morning and an afternoon seminar. Bookings can be made at 0861 114 891 or email: or online at
Date: 2010-08-21

Title: Toddler Sense Seminaar
Location: Radisson Hotel
Description: Toddlers Workshop sien uit daarna om weer Ann Richardson se Toddler Sense Seminaar op 2 Oktober 2010 in die Radisson Hotel aan te bied en glo dit gaan weer maande voor die tyd uitverkoop wees. Om teleurstelling te voorkom, besoek die webtuiste of skakel vir Debbie by 031 262 4962 of 082 467 8236.
Date: 2010-10-02