Month: August 2009

Evergreen Parenting


Evergreen Parenting takes joy in offering a variety of services:

  • talks and seminars,
  • an interactive forum,
  • parenting tips and articles as well as
  • a wealth of parenting tools to assist you in your role as educator.

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Lynette is an Evergreen Parenting facilitator and is currently running both an Afrikaans and English Evergreen Parenting course.  She also has the Evergreen products for sale.

Title: Toddler Sense Seminars 2009
Location: 48 Erasmus Drive, Community Church Summerstrand
Description: Come and enjoy a morning with Ann Richardson, best selling author of Toddler Sense and learn everything you need to know about what makes your toddler tick!
* Toddler Sleep
* Health and Nutrition
* Managing behaviour and discipline
* Potty training
Book online at
or phone Debbie 031 262 4962 / 082467 8236
Cost R200 per person
Numbers limited
Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2009-10-24
End Time: 13:00

How many of us say: “Let me see!” and then stretch out our hands to touch an object? We are all dependent on our tactile sense to interpret and engage with the world around us and to respond appropriately to touch sensations.

The tactile system is the first sensory system to develop in the womb and develops from the same embryonic layer as the nervous system. It is able to function effectively when the visual and auditory systems are just beginning to develop. The skin thus plays an important role in regulating our nervous system, i.e. making us more alert or calming us down. It affects our ability to learn as well as our emotional and social well-being. This stresses the fact that without a great deal of tactile stimulation of the body, the system tends to become unbalanced.

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